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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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come back and explain which of the two days could be more threatening. some major failures along the metro line today stranded folks in that bitter cold creating hour-long delays. the investigative reporter russ ptacek is live at the metro center. i know you have passed on the frustration to metro. >> more on that in just a moment. but here at metro center we're finding out about current delays along the blue line because of the disabled train at -- the franconia station. and then going on to the orange, silver, green, yellow, with cracked rails blocking the trains. at the station frustrated passengers say they were stranded on freezing platforms for as long as an hour, watching as doors on crowded trains leaving crowds in the cold so large.
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>> so large that we went upstairs because it was still too dangerously crowded. >> reporter: others growned as the empty train just went on without stopping. delays impacted the green, orange, red, silver, and yellow lines. metro blamed it on the cold weather cracking rails and disabling their old trains. >> we were stuck in between stations for a while. >> it took me an hour to get from columbia heights to here. >> reporter: a lot of the passengers are upset. are you rethinking on how to cover quickly. >> well any time we have an incident like this there are always opportunities to learn. we will be briefed after this incident and we will look for opportunities to learn from this one as well. >> reporter: metro is learning new technology to look for problems before they happen and that many of the prones -- problems will be resolved. >> what are the commissions
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like? >> we are now, very cozy. you know it's a bad sign when you go in the parking lot and people are going in the other direction. >> reporter: metro says that blue line is back on or at least close to being on schedule. all lines should be operating fairly close to on schedule and also with the addition of the blue line there, it means every line along metro today suffered from those big delays. back to you. >> all right, thank you, russ. at this pedestrian island, our campers saw person after person trying to tread that icy covered walk way. a woman who is almost six months pregnant nearly slipped. thankfully she's okay. they are responsible for the circle as they plan to look in to it. >> we had ice everywhere. >> i know, i know.
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please be careful. i'm sorry, but yes, it is quite adventurous. >> be careful. >> yeah, really be careful. they say they are now checking out that area to make sure it is safe. let's hope they clear it. >> yeah. >> this week the twitter war that went worldwide. peggy fox joins us live where some kids who joined that twitter frenzy are now claiming victory? what is that all about, peggy? >> reporter: well you know we didn't have a flake of snow today, but fairfax schools, they were closed because 75 buses had trouble starting and officials didn't want to take the chance of having those kids stuck out in the cold. but many students, some from mcclain high school who tweeted their anger in criticism when fairfax went to school in this snowstorm on tuesday. well they are taking a little credit today. >> it's about being able to get your voice out there. >> reporter: twitter gave the
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students a huge megaphone this week. they would close trending worldwide. i was relieved and went back to bed. sitting at the desk in the snow with a caption, "i don't know what's wrong." >> was it cold sitting out there in the snow? >> it was really cold. i ran out and i was done in less than a minute. >> reporter: students tweeted and even painted a poem. >> they face accident, traffic, and they would close out cps. >> reporter: today with no new flakes, they canceled school because of the fridged temps. >> reporter: when you take a look at what happened this morning with the two-hour delay and then you go ahead to make an adjustment, that's an inconvenience, but a lot less than what happened the other day. >> so did the today? >> if they want to call it that they can. but at the end of the day their
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safety if that is a win, then you bet they win. >> reporter: they concur. >> they can declare a win when they would like. i'm fine with that. maybe someone could win in this, right? if it's our students, more power to them. that's all good. >> being helpful on the roads got favored 200 plus times. but he credits the school board member for taking the hashtag global. the account is a fairfax favorite with 38,000 followers. >> it's basically like saying where you were and what was wrong and then tweeting at him so he could see a picture and send it to someone that has at least some influence somewhere. >> reporter: and now he tells me that yes when students tweet at him, he reads it all. he is pleased that the kids would have a worldwide stage.
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we do know that just a few minutes ago they have decided to have a two-hour delay tomorrow. and i will be sure to tweet that real soon. back to you. >> all right, thank you. and fairfax students may have started a trend with their twitter campaign, how the students and other districts are following suit in just a little bit. new video of the dump truck crushing prince george's police cruisers. you can see the officers there on the right side of your screen, running for their lives. after some kind of a heated exchange with the officer. so here is a look at the suspect. he's charged with attempted murder of two. we're going to hear from the police chief coming up at 6:00. new tonight jesse matthew the man accused of abducting hannah graham could be facing murder or capital murder charges in the near future. that's straight from the public
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defender and his fairfax sex assault case. debra alfarone is live at the fairfax county courthouse with the very latest. deb? >> reporter: and lesli, jesse matthews was in court today here on a motion when he is tried for that 2005 alleged sex assault. the judge ended up saying no to the cameras. there may soon be justice for hannah graham and morgan herring ton. in fighting our requests from the other media, the fairfax public defender stated that they are most likely going to be much more serious charges coming. either murder or capital murder charges. it's where the bodies of both hannah graham and morgan herrington were found. he's been linked frenzily to the disappearance. and he's been charged with graham's abduction, but not charged with either victim of
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murder. the judge here in fairfax ruled against cameras, saying that the statute prohibited them for coverage of sex offenses, but it's what they said that shined a light on what might be next for matthews. we asked the attorney what they thought of that ruling. >> and down in that county they are more concerned about the pre-trial publicity because the jury pool is small. but different judges balance it differently as we have seen in the past couple of years balance it differently. >> reporter: we did call the county commonwealth attorney to see if they are working on those charges and if anything will be coming down the pike as they say it will be their policy not to comment on open cases. we're live here at fairfax county courthouse, debra alfarone wusa9. right now the man hunt intensifies for the two gunmen that shot and killed 12 people at a news conference in paris.
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they rob add nearby gas station. authorities are concerned that the fugitive brothers will attack again. witnesses say that the gunman claimed allegiance to al qaeda and yes men during the attack of the offices. that's a newspaper that would poke fun at islam and other religion. >> the individual probably received training and we saw that yesterday in the military style, the commando-style attack very sophisticated. >> reporter: a third suspect, an 18-year-old did surrender to police as it was a day of national mourning across france. at noon a moment of silence was observed outside the cathedral and throughout paris. a new report finds that the nfl did not see the video of ray rice's attack on his then fiance inside an elevator before it was released by tmz. former fbi director muller was to investigate how the nfl handled the matter. the league initially suspended rice for two games and then he received an indefinite ban
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after the video surfaced showing the former ravens runningback knocking out his wife in an atlantic city elevator. the muller found they should have investigated the incident more thoroughly before disciplining rice initially. the outer loop of the beltway is back to its normal rush hour traffic, but this was the scene earlier after a dump truck tipped over piling dirt and forcing officials to shut down two lanes of traffic. this all happened near route 4. luckily no one was hurt. we are just getting started on 9 news at 5:00. an elderly man and reknown animal lover attacked and killed by the family dog while taking down a christmas tree. scott broom brings us this heartbreaking report at 5:30. topper tells us how cold it will get tonight and when we can expect a warm up. also, we dispelled one of the oldest weather myths.
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demonstrators demand answers in to a police-involved
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the bitter cold did not keep away several dozen protesters in front of the fairfax county police department. this group is commanding justice for a man shot by police in springfield, virginia more than a year and a half ago. surae chinn is live from the location in fairfax. surae, what do they want? >> reporter: well lesli, they do. they call themselves, the group called justice for gear. it was a peaceful demonstration right here in front of fairfax county police headquarters. but they are demanding some accountability from police officers in these types of situations. the family and friends, they spent time in court. they also waited 17 months
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before police actually released their name of the officer involved. the officer responsible for killing john gear 17 months ago and they also want more information exactly what happened that day. some video from today as marchers would brave that cold weather. sub-freezing temperatures as they now know it was the 8-year- old police officer add add who shot and killed john gear. but they don't know why as they also want to know what happened, what lead up to it and why he was shot. was he threatening the police officers? here is what one friend had to say. >> and there is no overnight. who is policing them? that's what we need to ask. because it could happen to anybody. he was a regular guy. he had a family and he had two kids. and you know that his relationship broke up. there was a domestic dispute that it would happen every day and he was standing with their
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arms up and he shot them and i don't understand why we're not getting answers. >> and now that the report and also the officers names were just released this week. earlier this week. and some folks are disputing the accountability and what exactly was in this published report as we'll have much more coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> all right, thank you. another big story we're following for you tonight are these brutal temps. we are not alone that a large portion of the country is shivering the arctic-like temperatures, the windchill factors are near 30 degrees below zero in chicago and that is brutal for those folks that have to work outside like this firefighter. check out his coat there. they would claim the icicles. bitter cold and dangerous temps that would call the school districts to cancel or delay classes today. a lot of us do this when temperatures hit the freezing mark. we crank up the car to let it idle. but the washington post reportsays it is just a big
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waste of time and fuel because they provide no added benefits. they use sensors to give them the right amount of fuel and air. and auto experts say it takes no more than 30 seconds to warm up your wheels. >> i didn't know that. they might take a little longer than that to warm up on the way to drop my daughter off in school, but we understand. >> sure. whatever you want to do. >> reporter: when the mercury drops your heating bills as we all know could shoot up. here are three ways to keep those costs eligible to change the filter on your furnace just once a month as they would keep the appliance running more efficiently. and they say if you set your thermostat to 68 degrees during the day, and 60 at night you could save 3% on your heating costs for every degree you reduce the temperature below 70 degrees. and also they would say you could winterize your window with the weather stripping and cough. >> 60 degrees at night. >> that's a little cold, sorry. >> bundle up and a little too
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cold. and what you want to do now is that we have some spots at home and put a beach towel there. close your curtains when the sun goes down they would draft the window. >> and during the day. >> wow, that's impressive. >> thank you. >> that would be too cold. let's start with a live look outside as we have clouds on the increase. no winds today, but my goodness it was cold enough. right now downtown it is only 23. but most of the burbs were held in the upper teens today. dew points are still below zero. cold air mass, now the winds, that's important. they are manageable and out of the south at 9. between the cloud covers coming in and that they would be moving westerly. that'll keep the temperatures leveled tonight. 19 in rockville and germantown and 20 in springfield.
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and that is the good news that they will not fall much further tonight. snow flowers are possible tonight -- snow showers are possible tonight. still better, but cold. 16 to 28. no single digits tomorrow for the kids. it'll be above freezing for most of us on friday. and it will be short lived though because the colder air moves back in on saturday. and the future cast at 10:00, you can walk with the cold. 17 in gaithersburg. 19 in leesburg and 18 in manassas. notice these temperatures happened at 10:00. not much different than where they are right now. they won't change much. by 6:00 in the morning they would go up a little bit 267892 in leesburg and 20 in gaithersburg and mid-20s downtown. and left seeing any watches of blue here, but a couple of flurries are possible tomorrow morning and add a couple of the snow showers here as well. accumulating snow that will be west of the divide in to western maryland. by 9:00 we have temps near 30.
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and at one time this will be pretty good. and with the sunshine that you could walk to lunch. by 6:00 the temps will fall quickly tomorrow. the arctic air comes back at us with the lower 20s 24 hours from now downtown. we will probably see more single digits. keep that in mind. okay tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy, very cold. a flurry or a snow shower is possible. low 16 to 22. the winds are southwest at 10 to 15. and so these temps are not much lower than what they are currently. so we've got 19 for the low in bethesda. 18 for fairfax. and about 22 downtown. okay the day planner. it looks like this. 29 at 9:00. 32 at 11:00. and 35 by 1:00 and just a few clouds as it will be partly to mostly sunny. then colder on saturday. the front goes through tomorrow and the cold air will lag tomorrow night in to saturday.
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only 25. and then the upper 30s with sunshine on sunday. our next seven days. we are looking at some interesting weather here. morning freezing rain is possible on monday. it should kick to rain as the temps would make it to 40. the warm air would warm that out. we'll keep tuesday dry for now in the upper 30s and the snow showers are possible. upper 30s and a better chance for snow on thursday with temperatures holding in the mid- 30s. >> thank you, top. this week students in fairfax blew out the twitter burst, blasting school officials for not closing schools. now students are evidently following suit. web producer jody will join us with who is saying what. >> reporter: well since fairfax county schools are closed today, students are feeling pretty victorious. and now students in montgomery county and prince williams county are trying their own hashtag. and they are not just trying to get school closed as they want to trend on twittered which is what we saw with their hashtag today.
5:21 pm
and here are a few tweets that we will look at now. they tweet that now we have gotten them to close trending, let's hope that the prince williams county school districts will get to trend. because it is like three degrees there or something. often the tweets that say we succeeded as it is time to give back. we got you prince williams county. >> yes, from the hunger games. ready for this 9-degree weather. she's in a snow suit. she looks very warm. one last here. and there she is wearing her blanket. and we have a lot more tweets from the students there on our website on >> it is interesting because social media has given a lot of these students a whole lot of power. that they feel very empowered to use it. and that they could view a
5:22 pm
whole bunch of the other ones, getting close to the administrators. and that they need to be careful. and that once they would start opening up or closing them that they would want them open. >> right. hopefully they could use it for the positive energy next time. and coming up what you will need to know about the popular software this year and we're going to tell you about the school involving a man posing as a utility worker. plus, we'll introduce you to a local teacher surprised with a $25,000 award. and a little later, we are live at the consumer electronics show with a look at thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible
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the dow jones gained 323 points and the rally wiped out earlier losses in the year and they put that blue chip stocks back in to the positive territory for the year. new year, new reason for our wusa9 call for action. heads up about the potential issues that could impact your wallet. we start with something, a scam that has been proliferating for years. so a small business owner contacted our team about a call he received from someone that was claiming to work for pep --
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pepco. his account was close to turn off status and that he needed to buy three $500 prepaid green dot money packed cards to keep his power on. sounds phishy and it was, he called pepco and realized it was a scam. they know about this and they want you to know they never endorse any kind of specific payment. they never share account information with anybody, but its customers. here's the bottom line if you get one of these calls to hang up and call pepco if you have other questions. here is another heads up in case you're thinking about filing your taxes online using ituit's turbo tax report. you won't be able to report investments from self- employment or rent you collect because the company has stripped the program of those key forms. but listen to this. you can get access to them if you pay an additional $30 to $40. and people are pretty upset about this. at least you know.
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that's your wusa9 call for action heads up. if you've got a consumer problem, we want to help you solve it. contact our team as you can file a complaint online 24 hours a day on our website. just click the call for action link or call our hotline at 301- 652-help. well they call it the oscar of teaching. and today one local teacher got the surprise of her life without the -- with that prestigious award. >> good morning singers. >> reporter: on the surface this looks like a typical school assembly at the elementary. >> but i came all the way from california today. to tell you a secret. >> reporter: mike the co- founder of the foundation was here to present the award, which honors the extraordinary elementary and secondary teachers, including a $25,000 prize. >> the winner of this year for the award, ms michelle johnson. >> reporter: the second grade teacher is one of up to 40
5:28 pm
teachers nationwide receiving this honor during their school year. >> reporter: thank you so much that i'm very honored. thank you to our awesome leaders. i'm happy to be a part of it and the talented group that i have worked with as they are all wonderful and i'm learning every day. my students. you are so smart. >> she has engaged with children and that they were generally one to two years behind their grade level. and after a year with her, they are not only a grade level, but they are well above the grade level. >> she works very hard. >> yes. >> and she is the best teacher ever. >> the best teaching advice that i have received is to build those relationships. if you build those relationships with those students they trust you and they'll want to come every day. >> congratulates to her. that is such an honor to receive. >> yes, absolutely. straight ahead keeping students safe. we'll show you a simple device that at least one school district is using to protect students from an active
5:29 pm
shooter. co-workers stunned at the death of the beloved truck driver mauled by his own family's pit bull. i'm scott broom in frederick,
5:30 pm
5:31 pm
he they continue to look in to the background of the pill bull that killed their elderly owner at home yesterday.
5:32 pm
and if you remember today that it is a kindhearted animal lover that brought that dog in to their home to rescue him. scott broom is live in frederick with the background to this incredible terrible tragedy. scott? >> reporter: yeah, the victim is just a remarkable man. he is the 87-year-old eugene smith. a truck driver who was still added at age 87, hauling milk for his company here. in frederick, maryland. the co-workers are absolutely stunned as you can see behind me that they have tripped his truck on the mir -- stripped his truck on the mirror. he was an animal lover that the animal actually slept with him. >> we were in shock. >> reporter: the co-workers are in mourning. he is such a fixture in frederick county. and featured two weeks ago, who are still driving their milk route at age 85. killed in his home yesterday by his own family dog. >> the dog at times, they would
5:33 pm
climb up and sleep with him at night. >> he loved that dog. >> yeah. he loved the dog, he loved animals. >> reporter: they say that it was an 84-pound pit bull-type dog that would attack smith as they were taking down christmas decorations at home about 2:30 yesterday. mauling the victim's head, neck, arms. the dog was a 4-year-old male, adopted from a rescue organization by smith and his son in may. >> and he loved animals. >> reporter: the neighbors said that the dog had gotten nothing, but love. >> he is such a kindhearted individual. and he was, it is just a big shock. >> he's a wonderful man. >> reporter: co-workers are trying to make sense of it. >> he used to take that around the farms to feed the animals. >> it's not anything that we would have expected, not ever in a million years. >> reporter: and so what triggered this attack remains a huge mystery. frederick county animal control officials are looking in to the background of the dog. they say that it came from the
5:34 pm
unnamed rescue organization and that it was 4 years old and it had been adopted by the smith family back in may where there has been no history of complains about the dog since it has been in their home. and of course the people here are completely stunned. mr. smith is 87 years old, still driving that truck as it has a million miles on it until last week, which is until now after this terrible tragedy. reporting live in frederick, maryland, scott broom wusa9. >> oh scott, thank you. out to another disturbing story n one out of florida where a tampa man is accused of throwing his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge. 25-year-old john is facing first-degree murder charges. police say they were trying to pull him over last night for speeding when he stopped at the top of a bridge and threw his daughter over the rail. >> the officer went directly to the bridge to see if he could locate the child in the water. the officer called out what he
5:35 pm
had just seen. he went off the side of the bridge down a ladder to get to the water to see if he could locate the child. >> and these are the kind of stories you hate people. the dive teams found the 5-year- old after about an hour and a half of searching and they could not save her. her father had a history of domestic violence. and that they were leaving the senate, the california lawmakers who said that they would not seek re-election in 2016. currently in their fourth term in the senate and they served ten years in the house of representatives. before that they are 73 years old and they would continue to ac t onissues about the political action committee. this new device could be the key device to keeping them safe in the event of the school shooting. the school district in western washington is installing this booth on the door of every classroom. in the event of an emergency,
5:36 pm
anyone could just drop that five-pound piece of steel and that the student would be safe inside. it's working out well. and that they would take the s.w.a.t. team ten minutes to get through the door. >> there's no electronics to break down. we saw it to be very sustainable for many years to come that even they could put that device in to place. >> reporter: it's costing the district about $100,000. but they say you cannot put a price on safety. well trending now, we need one of these in dc. how these folks will be getting around in the cold in chicago. and we will introduce you to a guy that some people are calling a real life peter griffin. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. good news is that temperatures will not fall too far. 18 in manassas at 10:00. and low 20s downtown. we'll come back. we've got plenty
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taking a look at some trending stories tonight. finding ways to stay warm in this cold snap. >> take a look at this. residents in chicago are combating the cold with a heated head way. you remember this. seriously. we need one of these things here. >> i do remember. it's another ground walkway for
5:40 pm
those people to get around in the predictably cold windy city. it's five miles long with an easy way for those to leave the office grab some lunch and do some shopping. >> i see that you would have no coat. it would be 70 degrees. >> that's right. >> i'm on my lunch break. i'm getting ready to go over to macy's. >> get a little exercise, you know, some shopping. >> and they would connect 50 buildings. they say they would see their profits go up 30% during this time of the year. here's what's trending on youtube. a popular cartoon character that would come to life. >> first, we'll show you a quick clip and then the man who will be impersonating him. and one in every 12 americans will be unaware. and i believe in america where everyone would know.
5:41 pm
they return after these messages. >> dang he is pretty good. he's got almost four million youtube hits so far. >> in the right place to be discovered. >> that's true. a gazillion gadgets under one roof. coming up a live report from the electronics show in las vegas. and also ahead. >> just three days in to the republican-controlled congress and already two bills are gaining momentum despite white house veto
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
turning to capitol hill right now where the new republican-lead congress is wasting no time picking up legislation that the white house has been threatening to veto. craig boswell is at the u.s. capitol with the details. >> reporter: the keystone xl pipeline is headed for a debate in the full senate after clearing the key committee vote. >> are we going to build the infrastructure that we need to truly have the north american energy security. >> reporter: the legislation would green light construction on the pipeline, moving in more than 800,000 barrels of oil a day from canada to the gulf coast. republicans say that the pipeline would create thousands of jobs. opponents say there will only be about 35 permanent jobs when construction is finished. >> a new mcdonald's in fargo, north dakota would add more
5:45 pm
than 35 jobs. >> reporter: the house could pass its pipeline bill as early as friday, but thursday focused on another bill with the veto threat. changing the president's healthcare law. >> reporter: we were taking our oath of office. >> with those ratio threats. >> reporter: the house measure changes the definition of a full-time worker who must be offered employer health insurance from 30 to 40 hours a week. >> this rule is costing people jobs. this rule is knocking people out of full-time work. >> reporter: democrats say millions will be shifted in to part-time work with no coverage. >> both of these bills are damaging to the health of americans. >> reporter: healthcare and the pipeline will both be on the agenda when congressional leaders head to the white house next week. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. >> the senate will hold a test vote on the keystone monday and the new senate majority leader have promised to allow lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to offer an amendment. the no on the go, text
5:46 pm
radar 25543 and download the wusa9 weather app. we know it's cold, but we want to know when it's going to be warmer. >> well, we have some days above freezing, which is kind of nice with a high temperature of 24. we have not been above the highs for three days. the deal is if you have problems in the past you need to remember that to open up your cabinet doors and trickle the water for a while as we should make it above freezing tomorrow. take a live look outside. it's our michael and son weather cam down to 23. and the winds are out of the south at 9, which will be a good thing. winds are relatively low and out of the south, which is a warm wind, between that and the clouds coming in, temps are not going to fall off. otherwise with the clear skies and the calm winds the dewpoints below zero that we could really plummet as we won't do that. satellite picture and radar combined with the other system. this is the cold front to reenforce our arctic air tomorrow night and saturday. in the meantime some light snow is pushing through the great lakes. some of the snow, they are all the way down to cincinnati as
5:47 pm
they move eastward we are seeing some clouds move in from the west. i think that we will see a chance of a flurry or the late shower late tonight and tomorrow morning. in the meantime most of the clouds are back in the west. martinsburg, winchester, culpeper, down to southern maryland. so a flurry or a late snow shower will be possible tonight. bus stop temperature, well they are better than what they were this morning no doubt. 16 to 28. not really much of the windchill, but that's plenty cold. now above freezing for many of us tomorrow for the first time in three days. and they might make it in to the mid-30s. then the arctic air pours in behind the cold front tomorrow night. on saturday it will be colder, but sunny. temperatures only in the mid- 20s on saturday. so the future cast at 10:00 tonight. temps, they are right about where they are right now, 17. gaithersburg at 19. clouds are coming back in and the lower 20s downtown. by morning, the clouds here. but notice no single digits. in fact no teens.
5:48 pm
temperatures are around 20 to 25 and then by 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning, some of these clouds will hang tough and you could see a flurry early, but they will move out by lunchtime with a lot of sunshine and then look at this. 34 downtown. 29 still in gaithersburg and 30 in frederick. i don't think everybody in the viewing area is going to make it above freezing tomorrow, but many of you will. then by tomorrow night the temps will plummet again. the low 20s already at 6:00 tomorrow night in gaithersburg and rockville and frederick. mid to upper 20s downtown. even in to southern maryland we're talking about upper 20s by 6:00 and we're talking about the low 20s in la platta as you try to walk the dog tomorrow night or in town. bundle up if you do. so mostly cloudy, breezy, very cold tonight with a flurry or snow shower that will be possible late. low temperature of 16 to 22. winds are out of the southwest at about 10 to 15. maybe 19 for the low in bethesda and rockville and bethesda. these temperatures are actually
5:49 pm
about 10 to 12 degrees warmer than what they were last night. it was this morning at dulles. 19 in andrews for the low. tomorrow morning early flurries, but then partly cloudy, breezy, cold. 16 to 33. winds are still southwest at about 10 to 15. and then we get in to the afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, cold. high temperatures of 35. by the afternoon the winds would turn and become northwesterly with the fresh arctic air that moves in. your day planner by 9:00. 32 by 11:00 and 35 by 1:00 p.m. on saturday though we are back in the deep freeze for the sunshine in the mid-20s, but that's it. sunshine on sunday and the temperatures in the upper 30s. now the next seven days. freezing rain is still possible on monday about 40. next week is really up in the air as we mentioned t they are all over the place. we will keep them dry and cold with a couple snow showers possible. and a better chance for snow on thursday with the temperatures hovering in the mid-30s. it is just some kind of cold out there as this is just
5:50 pm
gripping the country today as allison explains millions around the country are bundling up to try to protect themselves from the dangerous cold. >> reporter: from chicago to the east coast. the cold weather has much of the country in an icy grip. >> you can get hypothermia, loss of body temperature, which affects the heart, the lungs, almost every system in the body. >> reporter: students and hundreds of school district would get the day off, advised to stay inside. the others bundled up in layers as they made their way. biting cold is also reaching deep in to the south where florida farmers are nervous about their fruit and vegetable crops. in south carolina, sidewalks are icy and fountains are freezing. >> i got it on the long sleeve under this, a t-shirt. and this jacket. >> reporter: these elvis presley fans bundled up to celebrate what would have been the rock 'n' roll's 80th birthday. today is the coldest day of the winter so far in new york city, but people here are taking the
5:51 pm
fridged temperatures in stride. >> i'm feeling very polar texi. >> but now you're in? >> i'm in. >> reporter: relief could be several days away in the midwest and northeast, but the south will get a break from the extreme cold bit weekend. for cbs news, new york. a pair of jeans to keep criminals from pickpocketing your information and your bank and credit cards. california-based data brands have come up with a pair of jeans made with radiofrequency blocking fabrics in the pockets to make it virtually impossible for identity thieves to collect your banking and credit card information. >> it acts almost like a little cage. it intercepts these signals and it spreads them out and so it does not allow any two-way communication. >> the security experts say 75% of credit cards are vulnerable to digital pickpocketing. the jeans will sell for about $160 when they hit the market next month.
5:52 pm
as a hunt for two killers will continue in france that the worldwide support continues to grow for the journalist. and police killed in wednesday easter roar attack. but first. >> a 17-year-old girl fights to refuse thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet
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5:54 pm
a connecticut teen has lost her bid to refuse cancer treatment. >> we're at the courthouse in hartford, connecticut with the story.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: the the mother of the 17-year-old cancer patient sat in the courtroom while the girl's lawyer argued for her right to refuse treatment. >> if we were here nine months from now we wouldn't be before you because cassandra would be 18. >> reporter: the teen named cassandra has lymphoma with a high survival rate if treated. the state is forcing her to undergo chemo therapy at a connecticut hospital. they argue that even though she's a minor, she is mature enough to make her own decision. >> reporter: the basis for that state interest is not that someone is 17 or 18, that's arbitrary. >> reporter: but lawyers for the state said the fact she ran away last night after agreeing to undergo treatment proves she's not mature. >> this child is not capable of making medical decisions on her own behalf. >> reporter: connecticut's supreme court agreed with the state and ruled cassandra has to continue with the chemo
5:56 pm
therapy treatment. her mom spoke after the decision. >> this is my daughter's decision. and i think that she is mature enough. this is all a big mistake. there are a lot of other options besides chemo. >> reporter: cassandra remains inside the hospital with a staff member inside the door. her mother is allowed two weekly visits. marley hall, cbs news. to last for about six months. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. washington january -- washingtonens are standing outside the white house. >> could the charges soon be coming true? for jesse matthews? thanks for being here, i'm
5:57 pm
derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. we are already hearing about school delays tomorrow. fairfax county schools will open two hours late as will prince william, warren counties, along with winchester public schools. paige county opens just one hour late. if we hear anymore delays you will too. it'll be at the bottom of our screen. so the big question is if this cold front will bring us anymore flakes or arctic air. chief meteorologist topper shutt has the answers. >> reporter: yes on both counts. a couple of flakes late tonight, flurries, maybe a snow shower and then the arctic air tomorrow night on saturday. right now 23 downtown. 16 in gaithersburg. 21 leesburg. 18 in manassas and frederick and martinsburg. these are not windchills, but the actual temperatures. the good news is that those temp wills not fall much tonight as clouds begin to move in. by 8:00 the upper teens and the lower 20s with some clouds and then by 10:00 the clouds will thicken up a little bit. you're not seeing any blue, but
5:58 pm
a couple of flurries will be possible. more unlikely before dawn. and down in to la platta with the temperatures in the single digits tomorrow. by 10:30 begin to move south. 27 in frederick and with the sun returning. flurries are possible on friday in the morning. and that they are dry and cold. and that it will be cold on sunday and to roll back here on saturday. more is possible on sunday and you're tracking that. and two chances of snow next week on wednesday and thursday.
5:59 pm
we'll come back to explain in just a minute. police are going house to house collecting evidence. and robbed by men that would resemble the suspects. those brothers are accused of shooting to death 12 people. that they would poke fun and other religion. and that police, they have taken several other people in to custody for questioning. that this has been a day of mourning. >> at noon they would gather at the cathedral for a moment of silence and on the eiffel tower lights went dark for five minutes in tribute to the victims. as the hunt would continue for the two suspects in paris that the reports of the press would be glowing globally.
6:00 pm
>> following the worldwide reaction to this story. live for the french embassy tonight. >> reporter: well derek and lesli if you see the flashing lights behind me and you would hear sirens that it appears there will be a vip motorcade headed in to the french embassy in northwest washington. a poster outside that would serve as a reminder of the world's grief. >> i was shocked. >> they are thorough and outraged, rippled across the world. in washington, a single pen was attached to the


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